Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saru's Day Out

 (fedora - H&M, denim shirt - Zara, grey tank - Wilifred, vintage DIY Levi's, bag - thrifted)

I promised my puppy Saru that today would be dedicated to him. Sometimes if I get too busy throughout the week and if I don't spend enough time with him i feel really guilty, I love spending time with my boy!

So today we relaxed, slept in, went to the beach and then went out for fish and chips....the rest of the day has been pretty boring, cleaning etc...but my boy Saru is sleeping on my lap right now so I think it still counts ;)

We went to Willows Galley for fish and chips. We were pretty disappointed, it seems they have changed owners and now the food is just blah. It used to be sooo amazing!! Fresh seafood and great burgers, now its salty, no flavour and just plain bland. Im sad but we wont be back :(

My chicken burger, looks good, tasted like nothing :( except crazy sweet BBQ sauce..They should have a warning, I had no idea it was a BBQ chicken burger!

Mum! I dont wanna swim anymore!

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