Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life Continues Changing with Baby!

So...obviously I havent blogged in a while. A long while. But it seems my life has once again taken a route not planned.
While Baby S is only a week shy of 10 months old I am back to work 3 days a week and loving it! Originally I had planned to go back to work after the full 12 months (allotted to parents in Canada if wanted).
But life gave me an amazing opportunity to open a hair salon with 2 of my amazing and talented girlfriends! We took the plunge without looking back and we are 3 weeks into operating. It has been a huuuuuuge whirlwind experience and such a crazy learning curve (business decisions and math, who would have thought you would be so difficult lol).

This has by far been the biggest decision Ive made in my life (not counting deciding to have a baby). But it has so far been one of the best!

So here we are a few weeks in and things are starting to settle into a nice little life pace. Fall feels like its closing in on this city and Im pretty happy about that too. Late summer has always been my favorite season. Its still sunny and warm, but i get to wear my favorite light coats, sweaters and my eternal loves; booties.

So with this new normal and approaching fall Ive felt like coming home to my blog. Not sure where exactly Im going with this little blog anymore but I suppose I'll just start writing and see where we end up.

Enjoy the weekend everyone~!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Comeback Kid

(shirt - thrifted, pants - F21, shoes - ShoeDazzle, bag - Gucci)

Hello~! Long time no see~! Im finally making an ootd post! Ive been wanting to do one for a long time! There have been so many days that Ive been wearing what I think are great ootds but either there is no one around to shoot me or the weather is so bad its impossible. It's been a total rut! But finally the rain stopped and my husband was home so we went and did a little shoot while we did some errands! Hooray!

This year has started with a bang for me and my little family! We recently moved into a 2 bedroom apartment and it has been so nice to have more room! Not to mention the fact that when you move you get a chance to start over and essentially purge your home! We get to redecorate and buy some new furniture! I'll finally get my dining room Ive been dreaming of!

Personally Ive been slowly getting myself a new wardrobe! After being pregnant Im really happy to pretty much have my old body back! But after stretching out most of my shirts, leggings and a few pairs of pants it was time to get some new clothes. Fun and dangerous! 

A lot of my new wardrobe consists of online shopping (it's hard to get out with a 2.5 month old baby lol) and todays look includes this shirt I just found at the thrift store! Although the best part of this look has got to be these shoes! Im totally in love with these shoes!!

Thanks for reading and see you again soon~!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Hello and Happy New Year!!

What an awesome year 2012 was! But I think 2013 will be even greater!!

This year was different from any New Years Ive had before. Of course I spent most of it with my girlfriends, friends and husband eating, drinking and catching up. Baby Selina was in a great mood and everyone got to hold her and shower her with love. But its unfair to keep a baby away from her home and bed for too long...and unfair for other party patrons to have to cater to a baby. Actually my friends love Selina and would never say anything about having a baby around but I know that everyone was trying not to be too loud and were frequently checking in to see if she was ok. Very considerate but far from the wild New Years party they're used to. So we went home early around 11pm and had a small ringing in of the new year with Saru :)

Im looking forward now to this new year and thinking of where I want to go with this blog...Obviously I had been focusing on my You Tube videos but now that my baby is here Im not too sure what kind of videos to make...Id also really like to get back to my OOTD posts now that Im actually getting dressed again lol I practically lived in my sweats for the first month of Selinas life!

Here are a few of my most recent ootd's on Instagram, follow me: s_arahmarie

See you soon~~!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Typical Day in my Life with a Newborn...

It's! But it was fun for me to make and kept me from being too bored today! Id like to make more videos like this but maybe when I actually am doing something a little more exciting ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Delivery Story

A lot of people probably dont care to read this, while a lot of people probably do. Im writing this post also because even though it's only been a week Im already starting to forget so much of it! I guess thats mother natures way, makes you forget how hard it was so having another doesnt seem so bad (nice try momma nature, not anytime soon thats for sure!)

Check out the video for the quick version or keep reading for the details ;)

So we all know I was over a week late with this little lady. I was due Oct 25 and she was showing no signs of coming any time soon. I was actually starting to feel pretty cranky about the situation and was avoiding a lot of phone calls because I really just didnt want to talk to anyone about being late. lol!

Well Saturday Nov 3rd was the day that changed. I remember feeling a little crampy and uncomfortable but I didnt want to get my hopes up and ignored those feelings most of the day. When I started to get what I finally recognized as contractions around the afternoon, I called my midwife just to check in. She told me they can come and go and that it may not happen today and just to try to get some rest. I layed on the couch all afternoon watching dumb tv shows and counting my contractions like a crazy person! Finally they seemed close enough and strong enough for another call to my midwife! At around 7pm they were feeling really strong, uncomfortable and about 4-8 minutes apart. I called my midwife again and after a few hours of back and forth we decided to go to the hospital, and we arrived there at 9pm.

I remember the car ride there being in a lot of pain and all of a sudden the contractions seemed so much closer together, when we arrived i was checked and 7cm dialated.

I labored thru contractions for a few hours in the hospital with my midwife and husband there, encouraging me. Everytime the contraction came I thought "I will ask for my epidural after this one" and between each contraction I was so exhausted I didnt have a chance to ask, before I knew it I was way too far along and getting ready to push!

I pushed for just over an hour, I wont lie, it was sooooo painful and I had no idea what was going on/how far along I was and it actually was frustrating. I remember my midwife saying "I can tell your mad, use that anger to push!" lol!

Well finally she came out and it was a huge rush of relief, my whole body felt relief and I was in shock to see my little girl for the first time ever! Selina Maribell born November 4th at 1:29am weighing 7pounds 3oz. She was so cute even just seconds old!!

I didnt need any stitches and I got lucky and had a private room for free! I stayed that night, and we were home that night by 7pm!

It was such an incredible experience and we are just overjoyed to finally have our girl home with us!