Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flashy Feet

(tank - thrifted/ belt - Moussy/ shorts - Zara/ pumps - Aldo)

Today was a beautiful warm day! Finally~! Masa and I slept in, made a big breakfast and watched Japanese comedy shows in our pajamas! What a great morning!!

We took Saru out for a nice walk and then went out to lunch, ramen~! It was pretty good :)

I was happy to find these shorts in my storage. They were an impulse buy at Zara last fall, I grabbed them as I ran to the register and didnt check the size...they were way too big! But here I am now over 5 months pregnant and they fit perfect! Lol~!

I hope you all had as great a day as my little family did!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Khaki Kei

(knit cap - yes style/ jacket - ralph lauren/ tank - sirens/ bag - yes style)

Despite being nice and sunny it was pretty cold today because of some strong winds. It feels like summer will never arrive in this city~ XP

Masa and I spent the day cleaning and lounging around the house watching Euro2012...with nothing really important to do today. It was nice :) We did this little photoshoot while taking Saru for a walk. It really feels like fall and it makes me just want to curl up and bake and watch movies or something...maybe I'll do that later tonight~! I really want to watch an old Miyazaki movie like Naussicca or something...Whats your favorite Miyazaki movie?

Im so glad I bought these booties last year, they are just the right heel and the little studs are just enough!

These are my newest arm candies, an old Casio watch, a leather and gold braclet from Jacob and a bangle I made a few weeks ago. A little less intense than my usual spikes ;) Thought these nails are my favorite in a long time! I saw a picture on tumblr of this design and had to do it myself! My nails are so long and strong right now I decided to shape them into the "claw" style, they look great but it's actually a little difficult doing things!Lol ;)

Have a great week everyone~!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sanpo Kinda Day

Today the weather was so beautiful! I went to the thrift store in the morning and got a few cute items! Im trying not to buy any "maternity" items because a lot of them are pretty ugly and overpriced! So Im sticking to my regular clothes and a few inexpensive thrift pieces to get me thru the next few months...

Masa decided to take Saru for a walk to the coffee shop around the corner and I tagged along :) Perfect chance for an impromtu mini photoshoot ;)

He's such a good little poser ;)

Enjoy the week everyone~!